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If you have searched lots of jobs websites and applied for new jobs with little success, or maybe you are frustrated with the progress so far in your career– then maybe it’s time to get some careers expertise to help you get the job you want and the career you deserve. MyCareerClub could be the best personal investment you’ll ever make. At MyCareerClub we have 3 simple steps. You can choose 1 step or all 3, depending on what you want.


Andrew, Naomi’s parent, Edinburgh
My daughter Naomi was stuck for ideas about what career she’d be most interested in. I’m extremely grateful to Vivienne for her help. Naomi hasn’t looked back. More…
Robin, Glasgow
Being able to share Vivienne’s in-depth experience of the recruitment process helped me to understand what I needed to do to get the job I felt I deserved. More…
Lizzie, Essex
Vivienne takes time to really get to know who you are as a person and has helped me in my university application journey. She is friendly, professional and reliable. More…